Specialty Wheels

TDW is a custom wheel manufacturer.  We build 12" thru18" steel, chrome, and aluminum wheels to our customers.  The Custom wheels for your needs at reasonable prices, delivered when promised.


    bullet    FUCHS Alloy wheels rebuilt, repaired and rerimed from 15" to 16" or 16" to 17" in ALL sizes.

bullet TDW is an AERO Race Wheel Dealer.
bullet Rally Wheels, Chevy, MOPAR, Ford GT, Olds, Pontiac, & AMC built 14 and 15", widths from 4 to 14", powder coated or chrome!
bullet Smoothie Wheels, for baby moon hub caps, built 14, 15,  or 16" in steel and 15 thru 17" in aluminum.  Widths from 4 to 15".  To your finish!
bullet TDW Modular wheels for the most strength for the dollar.
bullet TDW "D" window wheels for that stylish off-road look.
bullet Original Equipment wheels widened, narrowed or  off-set changes.
bulletbullet Porsche Fuchs wheels made from 15 to 16" and from 16 to 17", 2 piece design only.  Black Star or Bright Star.

Simply call 800-621-6436 for sales.
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